UNIT 6 : At the outdoor centre
cliff                                          design a webpage
cave                                         juggle
hill                                           go sailing
waterfall                                   go canoeing
rock                                        go scuba diving
island                                       do card tricks

UNIT 5: At school
chop the tomatoes                                Maths
fry the onions                                        History
add the cheese                                     Geography
bake the pizza                                        ICT
peel the lemons                                    Science
weigh the sugar                                     PE
boil the water
mix the lemonade

UNIT 4: Last weekend
go to the shops                                  wait-waited
meet a friend                                     take a photo-took a photo
go for a walk                                     disappear-disappeared
buy some jeans                                  throw-threw
have a milkshake                               run-ran
make a pizza                                      tell-told
visit an art gallery
see a film

UNIT 3: Life was different
laptop                                                  buy-bought
digital camera                                     make-made
calculator                                            eat-ate
mobile phone                                       drink-drank
DVD player                                          write-wrote
memory stick                                       give-gave

UNIT 2: What's her job?
security guard                                          never
cleaner                                                     sometimes
postman                                                    often
shop assistant                                           usually
doctor                                                       always
taxi driver

UNIT 1 : In the garden
cut the grass                                                 beautiful
water the flowers                                         interesting
plant seeds                                                  colourful
pick strawberries                                          useful
feed the birds                                                hard
make a window box
eat a carrot
dig a hole

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  1. seño para el examen final me e estudiado todo este vocabulario voy a sacar un 10