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U. 3 Do: Past progressive (441 sentences)

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U.2 Was, wasn't, were, weren't

This is a new quiz video to practice the verb to be in the past tense.

U.2 REVIEW: Past tense exercises and games.

Exercises:           Was or were?    
                                                                    Road to grammar 
Games:          Clean up your grammar
                                                                   Present vs past  
                                                                                                             Snakes and ladders

U.2 The Romans: dig it up GAME

It's a fantastic game about Romans.

U.2 LINKS FOR PRACTICE the past simpe tense

 Quiz show  JEOPARDY GAME        
Betting game        JEOPARDY GAME    
Irregular past tense  GAME

 Listening quiz -ed endings    Regular past simple pronuntiation 

Simple Past
 regular/irregular verbs
Past simple sequencing
Answer the questions
Negative sentences
Make the question
Pool of exercises
Memory verbs 

U.2 Simple past verbs ending sounds VIDEO