3 de diciembre de 2016

U.2 WRITING 8 -14

1.    ¿Qué es esto? Es una moneda.

What’s this? It’s a coin.

10. ¿De qué está hecha? Está hecha de metal.

What’s it made of? It’s made of metal.

11.¿Cuántos años tiene? Tiene unos 2000 años.

How old is it? It’s about 2000 years old.

12. Ayer fui a la biblioteca para buscar información.

Yesterday I went to the library to find some information.

13. Usé el portátil para hacer la tarea.

I used the/my laptop to do my homework.

14. Peter quería escribir un email a su hermana Jane.

Peter wanted to write an email to his sister Jane.

29 de noviembre de 2016

21 de noviembre de 2016

U.2 Was, wasn't, were, weren't

This is a new quiz video to practice the verb to be in the past tense.

U.2 REVIEW: Past tense exercises and games.

Exercises:           Was or were?    
                                                                    Road to grammar 
Games:          Clean up your grammar
                                                                   Present vs past  
                                                                                                             Snakes and ladders

U.2 The Romans: dig it up GAME

It's a fantastic game about Romans.

U.2 LINKS FOR PRACTICE the past simpe tense

 Quiz show  JEOPARDY GAME        
Betting game        JEOPARDY GAME    
Irregular past tense  GAME

 Listening quiz -ed endings    Regular past simple pronuntiation 

Simple Past
 regular/irregular verbs
Past simple sequencing
Answer the questions
Negative sentences
Make the question
Pool of exercises
Memory verbs 

U.2 Simple past verbs ending sounds VIDEO

11 de noviembre de 2016